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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Unlock your company’s potential by scaling up to fuel business growth. Acquiring the right talent is essential and we do it for you. Your brand and people are our priority and your future talent deserves to be more than just part of a ‘process’. They deserve an exceptional employee experience where they matter.


We enable your company’s growth to find the right talent by building the Talent Acquisition capabilities for you. It gives you the ability to flex when you have a growth spurt and slow down when you are stabilizing.

This will be their first employee experience so make it memorable. Starting off on the right foot will set the right environment and will enable your employees to contribute and unlock their full growth potential.

We do not just lift and shift operations, we architect better ones. We start with a cultural fit and traits assessment which exponentially increases chances of success. Technology and advanced analytics underpins and optimises the recruitment process. We transform the overall experience and provide the candidate with a positive experience that strengthens your brand in the marketplace. Our offering is more than just process, it is recruitment experience outsourcing.

Our FUEL Process

Our 4-step process for attracting talent is a proven approach.

We understand your business by engaging in workforce planning, strategy definition and success profiles (cultural, technical, and competency fit).
We research and attract talent by using market intelligence, proactive sourcing, recruitment marketing and employer branding.
We screen and assess. We interview candidates using competency based questions, then assess candidates using the appropriate CORE Assessment tool, and finally we apply a holistic profile fit analysis. We provide you with a high quality short-list which saves you time and energy.
You select and hire from the short-list provided and the insights from the CORE Assessments enable you to successfully onboard, ignite a candidate’s potential and leverage HR value chain.


Leadership development

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Rapid Intensive Modules

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