Leadership Potential is tough to predict, there is a lot under the surface, it’s hard to make the right bets.

CORE™ Integrated Leadership Assessment is the key to making better people decisions, enabling your business to thrive in an ever-changing world.

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Leadership Development

Lead-er-ship · De-ve-lop-ment

(Phrase) Crucial for the future | enables a strong leadership benchIs the action of identifying and developing leaders to achieve extraordinary results.

Our CORE™ Integrated Leadership Assessment

Provides deep insights to build ready now talent and enable better people decisions.

  • Personalised Self-Assessment Report

    Leaders will receive their personalized CORE™ report which will give them insights into their leadership effectiveness, underused and overused strengths.

  • & and
  • Build a Development Plan

    Work with a trained feedback coach who will help leaders understand their CORE™ report, prioritize areas of development, and enable leaders to more readily leverage their strengths.

Your leadership, your business, your impact

Our CORE™ Integrated Assessment enables you to make more strategic people decisions.

  • Assess and Provide Feedback

    Start by selecting the leaders you want to assess. It can be an individual leader, a team, or a group of leaders that are attending a leadership program. Each leader will be given a feedback session so they can get the most of the assessment and prioritize their development.

  • Aggregate Data

    Leader data will be aggregated with your company data to provide insights to help you better understand your bench strength, leadership effectiveness, and overall capabilities.

  • Impact

    You will have greater insights to implement your people decisions. Your colleagues will say, “Wow, you aced it” and you will smile inside knowing you delivered real value to the business.

Be the captain of your own ship. Use our CORE™ Integrated Leadership Assessment.

30 minutes

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We are more than just our buzzwords. we do great work for great clients.

We work with and for leading companies, equipping them to assess and develop their leaders using our holistic CORE™ Integrated Assessment tool.

I want to be equipped for predicting leader success
Expertise meets excellence

We know the waters and the ins-and-outs of Leadership Development.

  • Christian Neubert
    Christian Neubert

    Managing Director

    Christian has over 25 years of Human Resource experience as a Senior Business Partner and People and Organizational Senior Leader.  He has deep expertise in assessment, analytics, workforce transformation, and cultural transformation.  He is a certified CORE™ Coach.

  • Lisa Danels
    Lisa Danels

    Executive Director

    Lisa brings more than 25 years of leadership development, talent management, analytics, and organization development experience in Fortune 100 companies. She has deep expertise in high potential assessment and selection is a thought leader in talent management and an expert in coaching. She is a certified CORE™ Coach.

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