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Building a Talent Eco-system

There are three big differentiators for business in today’s VUCA business environment: strategy, leadership, and culture. The quality and leadership bench strength of companies are positively correlated to business performance. According to CEB research, A change in leadership bench strength leads to a 0.5% year-over-year change in revenue and profit. Companies with stronger bench strength have 1.9x greater revenue growth than companies with weaker bench strength and companies with stronger bench have 2.0x faster profit growth than companies with weaker bench strength.

Most mature companies have been engaged in running organizational talent reviews for years. This process is a well-oiled machine but the real question is: Is it producing Talent Outcomes? When speaking to other HR and business Leaders, they constantly complain they can’t fill critical roles that drive business value. Their current leadership pipeline is producing few qualified leaders to meet the growing demand.

The business environment is changing quickly and requires a refresh of talented leaders. This can only come about when organizations create an eco-system to produce “ready now” talent. Human Edge has developed a model that addresses this challenge and provides organizations a roadmap to produce “ready now” talent.

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