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Jeanette Hron

Executive Coach

Jeanette has over 20 years of professional experience in strategic HR roles, working with a broad range of industry-leading global companies such as FMCG, Pharma, BioTech, Insurance. Her passion for‚ People & Organisation’ covers traditional HR topics as well as talent and organizational development, linking individual and organizational perspectives with the broader business context. As a business partner on a global level, she leads a broad range of transformation projects (restructuring, turnaround, global integration, fast growth, post-merger integration). Coaching people in their work and career development has always been one cornerstone for her, as well as coaching teams towards high performance.

After her university studies in Psychology in the french part of Switzerland, she gained her Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology at the Ludwigs-Maximilians-University in Munich. Starting her career in people and organization development, she moved into generalist HR roles to become an executive HR Leader. Today, she is an international expert for strategic HR management, with a successful track record of HR contributions to business outcomes in different fields of business.

As a member of professional networks and as an executive leader in organizations, Jeanette regularly contributes to panel discussions and other events (in German, English or French). In these discussions, she zooms in on strategic challenges through internationalization and digitalization, sharing experience-based approaches which contribute to business success in this context. Her perspective positions HR as a strategic business function. Like any other business function, HR needs to work with forecasts to develop short and long term priorities which support innovation and business success.

Leadership quality and leadership development are core to these priorities: leadership as the ability to lead yourself, the team and the business, and to realize your values and competencies in an authentic way.

It‘s all about choices‘ is one of Jeanette’s beliefs – fueling her optimism and her passion to support others in their development, based on strategic and authentic choices.