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CORE™ Energy

Provides insight in critical human performance factors, helping employees manage their energy and improve overall wellbeing, enabling them to achieve their aspirations as well as greater personal and professional success. Now employees can take their most-precious resource and discover unlimited ways to become the greatest version of themselves.

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Most people are unaware of how to efficiently manage their most precious resource. It’s not time. It’s energy – and the quality and quantity of their energy greatly matters.

CORE™ Energy takes a holistic view of how individuals manage their energy in both their personal and professional lives. Employees learn how to manage their energy before burnout happens. It’s about tapping the power from within to inspire people to do more, be more and thrive in every aspect of life.

Harness The Energy From Within

CORE™ Energy delivers insights and strategies for maximizing energy and improving overall wellbeing in four key human performance areas: Purpose, Mental, Physical and Emotional.


Individual and Summary Reports provide greater understanding of how you’re managing energy with practical tips and tools to be more effective.

Individual report

Delivers clear insights into strengths and areas of development for sustained energy and resiliency, and provides development tips to better balance energy.

Organization report

Gain an understanding of organizational wellness and identify risk of burnout.

Leadership development

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