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Expand your recruiting process to use objective data that predicts job success and long-term growth.  Move beyond a gut feeling of who will succeed in your company to having real data that gives real insights into a professional’s character, motives, competencies, and show you how their behaviors will change under stress.

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Our psychometric assessments provide you and your organization with data enabling you to make better selection decisions and ultimately drive organizational performance. We help you to uncover the candidate’s strengths, areas of development, and most importantly, find out how they behave under stress.

We know candidates put their best foot forward in interviews and we don’t always get a window into what happens to them under stress. We give you a view beyond what you experience in an interview.  Traits, drivers and derailers are great predictors of how leaders and experts will behave on the job.

Change the Game

Are you willing to change the game and move beyond gut instinct? Our solutions provide high-risk mitigation by increasing predictability at the individual, team, and company levels.  We have proprietary algorithms that predict potential and we measure learning agility which is the number one predictor of potential.

We know why 81% of new hires fail to reach high performance. Let us use the power of data to improve hiring decisions.

Our Assessments

All our CORE assessments are based on the latest research in the field of leadership and organizational performance in a business context.

We decode success at every level by merging our business know-how with academic and business research that predicts upward mobility and impact.

We have an integrated suite of assessments that cover all levels of seniority and professional trajectories.

Enhance team selection by determining who will balance and/or add needed skills to a team for higher levels of performance.

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