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Humanistic Leadership

We aim at developing effective and happy leaders that are aware of their inner states and needs, are empathetic toward colleagues and subordinates, and can drive businesses toward higher visions and purposes.

Main research questions:

  • What can leaders do to trust and to build trust in the teams?

  • How can leaders be aware of the masks they wear on the workplace, and how to promote authenticity?

  • How to build co-creation spaces (where each member of a team feel engaged and involved and build on each-others ideas) and which effect does it have on team creativity and performance?

  • What is courage in the workplace and how it relates to leaders’ integrity, trust, and performance?

Experts Assessment & Development programs

Assessment, developments and retention of experts do not receive as much spotlight as that of leaders. We want to address the gaps in hiring, managing, and developing experts.

Main research questions

  • What are the characteristics of the most successful experts?

  • How to mentor and develop experts to become thought leaders?

  • Which experts are most likely to become functional leaders?

  • Which HR practices help engaging, developing, and retaining experts in organizations?

Identification of Potential

Hiring a junior contributor and developing them to become an organisational champion in leadership or thought expertise, is a long process, but is humanly and economically rewarding. We want to help organisations to identify high potential people at early stage and offer them the best support for them to excel and bring value.

Main research questions

  • How to identify the potential to excel an expert at early career stage?

  • How to identify the potential of leaders at an early career stage?

  • What are the roadblocks for the development of high potential employees?

Salespeople Performance

Performance of salespeople is incredibly important for the success of an organisations, as sales represent the fuel for a firm to pay the bills, invest, and succeed. However, there is no consensus in research on a conclusive model that link salespeople KSAOs and performance. Furthermore, the sales environment changes as quickly as society, and we investigate how those changes impact the skills needed to excel in the sales space.

Main research questions

  • Which are the characteristics that set apart the most successful sales representatives?

  • How are salespeople characteristics related to success in different sales activities?

  • How to identify the most important development needs of a salesperson?

  • Which salespeople have best chances to become great sales leaders?

Artificial Intelligence for human development

Our ambitious and innovative plan to bring AI into the human development space in a lively and engaging way. Our labs are working under a strict industrial secret, for creating revolutionary products.


Expert Advantage (White Paper)

Are we leaving experts behind? The world of the expert is often the untold story of value creators. Regardless of their field of expertise, experts are value creators who skilfully provide thought leadership, influence key business decisions, and help drive impactful organizational results. Yet, assessment, developments and retention of experts do not receive as much spotlight as that of leaders. In “experts’ advantage” human edge addresses the gaps in hiring, managing, and developing experts.

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