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CORE™ Growth

Provides simple, easy-to-implement solutions to reveal next-level thinking, empower individuals and teams to be champions of potential and believers in unlimited growth.

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The importance of learning and working at an accelerated pace has never been greater. Organizations need growth-minded people and teams who are adaptive and resilient, especially during times of disruption. Championing a growth-minded culture leads to employees who feel more engaged, confident and empowered which results in lasting, learning organizations. 

Nurturing a growth mindset in your culture improves creativity and innovation. It develops employees with greater levels of resilience and superior performance. Plus, employees feel a greater sense of well-being which lowers turnover and medical leave costs. 

The Power To Create Next-Level Thinking 

CORE Growth indicates where an individual is on the scale of growth mindset with a focus on three core categories: how I think, what I do, who I engage. 


Individual and Summary Reports provide easy dashboard results with topline recommendations.

Individual report

  • Delivers clear insights into the 8 pillars of Growth Mindset
  • Provides development tips to increase growth mindset on each pillar

Team report

Provides a team an overview of their 

  • Strengths 
  • Areas of development 
  • Recommendations for cultivating a growth mindset 

Organizational report

Plots how adaptable and agile an organization is using the Human Edge 8 Pillars of Growth Mindset, and delivers recommendations for development. 


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