Expertise Can Make The Difference Between Customers Staying or Leaving

Distractions from our work can be annoying and even frustrating. We’ve all had times when our computer has been out of commission, and we look at our watch while the anxiousness creeps in and the work piles up.

Today, we take for granted that technology powers our lives and our work but when it doesn’t work, we feel lost and most of us don’t really know how to fix it. Which means we need to rely on the experts.

Relying on external experts for Tech Support

When I started my second business back in 2009, I wanted my business to be professional with a proper email address and website.

GoDaddy was a perfect choice for a small business:

  • Cost effective
  • Lots of services
  • Friendly service
  • Available 24/7
  • Quickly resolved issues

If I had a problem a tech wiz was on the other end of the phone to resolve my problem quickly. I felt like I had a true partner and someone who cared.

Customer loyalty is not a given

When I opened my third business six years ago, it seemed like a no-brainer that GoDaddy would be our tech support provider. But things have changed drastically as they’ve grown as a company. Instead of calling once to fix a problem now, I had to call multiple times to get a tech expert who knows how to solve the problem. Most are reading scripts and triaging with the real experts.

Lack of expertise damages customer satisfaction

One day I get an email saying our team SharePoint is full. This is a challenging situation for a company that works totally remote. Again, I called GoDaddy, and I told them about the problem, and they sold me this unlimited professional email services which cost a few thousand dollars.

The only challenge was their solution did not fix the problem and I still receive a daily message that our SharePoint is full and would I like to buy more space? After three more phone calls and holding for hours, none of their tech support advisors could understand or resolve the problem.

Customer takes control

I took matters into my own hands, and I searched their website only to find they have a limit of 1 TB of space on SharePoint. After one more phone call, I quickly concluded that GoDaddy could no longer support our small business growth and we needed to shift to another provider.

Loss of expertise loses customers and damages reputation

After 14 years of being a GoDaddy customer it was a truly disappointing moment. The most disheartening part of the story is that there were some moments of truth where Tech Support were not properly trained and gave inaccurate information. It left me feeling frustrated, bewildered, and at moments angry.

GoDaddy once the best in class due to their amazing technical support now lost its luster and cannot fully service a growing business.

When companies do not train their staff appropriately, cut corners to save cost (outsourcing tech support to low-cost countries) they suffer losing customers and reputational issues arise. If we want to maintain our business success, we need to have the experts that support our business and provide exceptional customer experience.

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