Identify Shifting: Replaying Our Story Keeps Us Stuck

30th March 2023: If you want to step into a new version of yourself then you’ll need to view yourself in a new way – like a software update. You and I both want to change but remain stuck in our old patterns, recycling our limiting beliefs and old dis-empowering stories.

Repeating our thoughts keeps them activated so they become our identity. The truth is, thoughts are not who you are, and stories should remain in the past since you are always in the process of becoming.

Go for intentional change

The way to truly make fundamental changes in your life is to become more aware, more present, and more conscious. When you step out of running on automatic pilot you are able to see how you interact with the world around you including, your self-talk, your environment, strangers, family, colleagues, and friends.

A personal change process that achieves results

Awareness is the first step to change, however, awareness alone is not enough to make significant shifts in your life. It requires intention, focus and action.

Step 1: Create awareness
Awareness of your behaviors, thoughts, beliefs, and values and how these may be impacting the outcomes you are getting in your life both positively and negatively. Be the observer of your thoughts and stories without judgment. See yourself in the moment reacting to criticism.

Step 2: Accept
Accept you can’t change unless you accept your current experience. By accepting the way you operate you take accountability for the outward results and breakthrough resistance to change. Accept that you might not be doing something in the best way.

Step 3: Make conscious choices
Repattern the brain by choosing a different pathway, resulting in a new level of empowering thoughts and stories. View criticism in a new way and see it as an opportunity to grow.

Step 4: Create moments of awareness
Catch yourself in the moment of old thought patterns and behaviors. In this moment of awareness, you make a new choice instead of old conditioning. This is where change really occurs. Observe yourself feeling criticized when a manager gives feedback on your work. Instead of getting defensive, be curious about feedback and explore how it can help.

Step 5: Practice integration
Continue to practice making different choices. As a result, you’ll see yourself transforming from the inside out and it will become second nature. Sometimes you will fall back into feeling criticized, but don’t let it get in the way.

Self-compassion is the key ingredient to change

Having compassion for yourself is the most important aspect to the change process. There will be many times that you will catch yourself right after an incident instead of in the moment. It’s easy to beat yourself up and get angry and frustrated; however only with patience and time will you find yourself in the moment of awareness. The more you follow the steps and practice, the easier change will come in your life.

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