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Employer Branding

Stand out amongst the crowd with a strong company brand. It’s not just your products or services that are unique. Your story of who you are and what you stand for make candidates, and stakeholders want to be a part of your unfolding journey.


Every company has a story. Let us tell yours. Seventy five percent of job seekers will seek out your reputation before applying. Communicating your culture, values, and overall perks of being part of your organization will speak out to qualified candidates. It could be a decisive factor in whether talent will accept or decline a job offer.

Tell your story

No one knows your story better than you, but do you have what it takes to put it on paper? We’ll work with you to develop a thoughtful employer brand position that clearly articulates your mission and differentiates you from your competition. With a fresh perspective on your presence in the marketplace, we’ll share your story with the world, capturing your company culture, celebrating your employees, and attracting ideal job candidates.

Finding your Core

We believe employer branding is all about finding your core. It’s about connecting the best parts of your workplace culture with the needs and interests of your target candidates. From there, we help you build a strategy around promoting your organization’s mission and mantra through the lens of your own people. Our approach to employer branding? Tell authentic stories that resonate with your target candidate in a meaningful way.

Why it matters

Harvard Business Review found that employers with a poor reputation had to offer a 10% higher salary in comparison to employers with a better reputation in order to get applicants to accept a position. In addition, companies had to pay $4,723 more per hire in order to convince a candidate.

On the other hand, survey research suggests that a good employer brand can reduce your cost-per-hire by 50 percent. It will help you get 50 percent more qualified applicants.

Therefore, it’s become necessary to strategically bring to the world the human side of the employer with branding.

Our EVP Process

Our 4-step process for developing a meaningful EVP is a proven approach.

We research your company’s current employee value proposition by conducing employee interviews and surveys. We also look at your attraction rate for currently posted jobs.
We evaluate your brand assets and develop an employer brand strategy unique to your company. We bring into life by touching the hearts of your future employees.
Our expert consultants work side-by-side with your team to take your EVP to a new level by creating a story that is unique to your company.
It’s all about putting the strategy into action. You can take it from here with a roadmap or we can support you further on the journey.

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