Talent Solutions

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Hiring feels like an art but can it be more like a science. Raise the quality of your hires by matching the right talent with the right opportunity.

Executive Search

Attract the best talent. The right talent can make the difference between success and failure. Don’t leave finding the right talent to chance. We engage in the art of match making. We find potential candidates who are not actually looking for a new job and match personalities, personal values, with the right technical skills, and competencies. We choose leaders and experts that are passionate about your business and will add to your culture.

CORE Select

Expand your recruiting process to use objective data that predicts job success and long-term growth. Move beyond a gut feeling of who will succeed in your company to having real data that gives real insights into a professional’s character, motives, competencies, and show you how their behaviors will change under stress.

Employer Branding

Stand out amongst the crowd with a strong company brand. It’s not just your products or services that are unique. Your story of who you are and what you stand for make candidates, and stakeholders want to be a part of your unfolding journey.

Talent Intelligence

Identify untapped human intelligence and win the war on talent with deep insights and market intelligence. Isolate where you can play to win, which will give you a competitive advantage in the hiring process. Proactively build your talent pipelines to make sure you have the right talent in the right places.

Our Talent Solutions Team

Berenice Roch

Director Talent Solutions
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Ana Esther Diaz

Recruitment Consultant
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Madeleine Raute

Recruitment Consultant
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Centrient Leadership Program


Early Career Acceleration

Household Robotics

Validate Key Talents and Assess Versatility

Integrated assessments

Deep insights build a stronger, agile and high performing organization.

Rapid Intensive Modules

Brief single-skill programs easily interlinked for in-depth mastery.