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Participate in our groundbreaking research program at no cost and unlock unparalleled insights into team dynamics.

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Be among the first to explore CORE Fusion's innovative assessments, designed to enhance leadership and team collaboration without any costs.

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Receive detailed reports offering deep dives into your team's dynamics, strengths, and areas for growth, empowering you with actionable intelligence.

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As a participant, enjoy exclusive access to 10% discounted rates on all Human Edge (HE) assessments and training products throughout 2024. Elevate your team with our leading-edge solutions at a privileged rate.


"Participating in the CORE Fusion program was a game-changer for our team. It provided us with deep insights into our team dynamics and individual leadership styles, fostering a culture of empathy, respect, and co-creation.

Grounded on research

Developed from the latest research in leadership, followership, and team dynamics, CORE Fusion is your guide through complexity, uncertainty, and the quest for creativity.

Easy and fast

The commitment is minimal – just 25 to 30 minutes per team member for the questionnaire and 90 minutes for insightful feedback sessions. The benefits, however, are immense

CORE Fusion research

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is eligible to participate in the CORE Fusion program?

Teams with a designated team leader and at least four team members are eligible to participate. We welcome multiple teams from the same company to join the program.

What does participation in the CORE Fusion program involve?

Participants will complete the CORE Fusion questionnaire along with a short, 5-minute research questionnaire, totaling 25 to 30 minutes. Individual reports are sent out immediately, and a team report follows within a week. We also offer a personalized feedback session with one of our senior consultants, lasting 45 minutes for the team leader and 45 minutes for the whole team.

What benefits can teams expect from participating in the CORE Fusion program?

Teams can expect to gain deep insights and awareness about their dynamics, enhancing understanding and cohesiveness. The feedback session is not only informative but also serves as an engaging team-building activity. Each participant receives a personal report, and the team is provided with a comprehensive combined report.

How will my team's information and responses be used?

We prioritize your privacy and are fully GDPR compliant. Your team’s anonymized and aggregated data will be used solely for product improvement, case studies, and research publication purposes.

Is there a cost associated with participating in the CORE Fusion program?

Participation in the CORE Fusion research program is entirely free, with no obligation to purchase any of our products later. However, participants who find value in our services are welcome to explore further offerings and can take advantage of exclusive discounts on our assessments and training products throughout 2024.

How can we register for the CORE Fusion program?

Registering is easy! Simply leave us your email or contact our Head of Research, Davide, at We’ll need the name of your company, the role of your team, and a list of team members’ emails and names.