Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Build leadership, team and organizational culture and competitive superpowers. 

Transformational Leadership Development

Custom Leadership Programs

Create game-changing leadership programs that prepare for the future by shaping culture today and, in the process help to build a bench of confident, authentic, inspiring, visionary leaders throughout the organization.

Leadership Labs

Stack a series of fast learning modules and accelerate your speed to competency.

Executive Coaching

Compassionate, insight-driven coaching improves profitability, productivity, capability, and engagement. We provide three types of coaching that help organizations help executives stay ahead of changing roles in a changing business climate.

Team Development

Powerful, high performing teams can meet and exceed organizational goals. Developing a cohesive, agile team elevates capabilities and leads to improved employee engagement, organizational productivity, and innovation for the ultimate competitive advantage.

‘Human Edge’s CORE assessment enabled Centrient to determine the bench strength of leaders reporting into ExCom. Besides the individual insights of every leader receiving feedback coaching as part of the process, we also gained organizational data and insights of the overall leadership blueprint of the company. We used these insights to derive development programs to strengthen capabilities within our Leadership Success Model, for example Growth Mindset and Risk Taking. Human Edge delivered the full program and enabled us to move the needle in our Leadership. We are now targeting the next level leaders to continue the successful leadership transformation.’

Jean-Luc Giraud CHRO, Centrient Pharmaceuticals

‘The leadership coaching with Human Edge (Lisa Danels) has had a profound impact on me, as an individual and as a professional leader. Lisa skillfully combines a long experience with organizational culture, deep insight into human personal drivers, and a practical hands-on, real-life coaching. With great compassion and yet methodically – Lisa helped me unveil my vulnerabilities, recognize, cherish & grow my strengths, and acquire new skills to navigate everyday challenges in real-life business context. After this coaching cycle, I am setting off – true to myself, my values and drivers – but as a stronger leader.’

Liên-Anh Tran Head of Global R&D and Innovation Program – Human Nutrition & Health at DSM

We have really enjoyed our partnership with Human Edge over the last two years as we deeply embedded growth mindset into our values, key behaviours, mindsets and practices. A focus on growth mindset has helped our growing SaaS business – where innovation is essential to our success and product development. Thanks team!


Karen Hailwood Chief People & Sustainability Officer at Phocas Software

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Deep insights build a stronger, agile and high performing organization.

Rapid Intensive Modules

Brief single-skill programs easily interlinked for in-depth mastery.