Integrated Leadership Assessment CORE™

Our unique leadership assessment is predictive of high potentials and gives a holistic view.  It provides leaders and companies deep insight into personality and behaviors that drive high performance in organizations.

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30 min assessment and 1 hour feedback coaching




Our CORE™ Integrated Leadership Assessment

Provides deep insights to build ready now talent and enable better people decisions.

  • Personalised Self-Assessment Report

    Leaders will receive their personalized CORE™ report which will give them insights into their leadership effectiveness, underused and overused strengths.

  • & and
  • Build a Development Plan

    Work with a trained feedback coach who will help leaders understand their CORE™ report, prioritize areas of development, and enable leaders to more readily leverage their strengths.

Gain deep insights into your Leaders

CORE™ has many applications

  • 01
    Talent Selection

    Hire the best by instantly eliminating unqualified candidates and uncovering the best ones by going beyond resumes and exploring traits, performance risk, and drivers for performance.

  • 02
    Leadership Development

    Enable leaders to maximize their potential and manage their risks by providing insight into the underlying reasons why they behave in certain ways and giving them tools to further develop to build on their strengths.

  • 03
    High Potential Selection

    Use for high potential identification and determine a leader’s versatility to go from one from function to another.

  • 04
    Talent Management

    Gain insight into leaders’ overall capability strengths and gaps at the organizational level.  Determine if the leader’s are working at the right level across the organization and the strength of your successors for critical roles.

  • 05
    Cultural Transformation

    Use aggregate data to support your cultural transformation by identifying leaders’ key traits, drivers, and competencies needed for the change.

  • 06
    Team Development

    Enables a team to drive towards high performance by looking at a teams strengths, areas of development, ability to collaborate and be agile.

Start using data to enable your company to make Better People Decisions.


30 Minutes