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CORE™ Ignite

Assess the necessary building blocks for an exceptional career to spark long-term success. CORE™ Ignite is designed to help early career professionals understand the foundation needed to accelerate their career. Built around revealing the skills needed to excel today and the future skills of tomorrow.

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There’s no greater confidence boost than when an individual begins a career with a clear understanding of how to kick their career into gear. For an early-stage professional, getting started on the right track is exhilarating and opens their eyes to ways they can make an immediate impact.

Gain insights around how well an individual can remain calm in the face of challenge, their agility and how quickly they learn, and if they think outside the box. These are among the crucial building blocks to professional and organizational success. What’s more, when young professionals are engaged in learning and development early in their careers, organizational retention scores climb.

CORE™ Ignite is a human-centric, multi-dimensional 3-in-1 integrated assessment that uses a backbone of research, data, and insights from 3 dimensions across 56 scales and highlights traits, drivers and competencies, the necessary building blocks to an exceptional career. By understanding their inner compass (who they are and what they stand for), young professionals gain self-awareness, drive early career success today and establish the foundation for sustainable success.


The inclinations and natural tendencies they lean toward that determine career success.

Drivers for Performance

The internal motivators and interests that drive performance.


The skills and knowledge needed for an exceptional career.  

Decode future success in 35 minutes.

When your early career professionals gain self-awareness and self-confidence, there’s no stopping them. Motivated, inspired, and enthused with the building blocks for a powerful start to their career, get ready to watch them spark new thinking, ignite change, and catapult themselves and their organizations forward.

Start here and go anywhere.

CORE™ Ignite creates greater self-awareness beyond simplistic strengths and weaknesses. In fact, CORE™ Ignite digs into real insights, illuminating development areas for individuals. 



It assesses the seven key areas of an Early-Career Professional:

Inner Compass: Awareness of who you are, what you stand for, and your strengths and weaknesses.

Active Team Player: Ability to work in a supportive and collaborative manner to achieve shared objectives.

Drives Results: Ability to achieve results through personal action and planning.

Solve Problems: Ability to remain calm in challenging situations and identify suitable solutions to move things forward. 

Experiment: Ability to think outside the box, willing to try new approaches or tools to improve processes and practices.

Nimble: Ability to adapt to and overcome setbacks, learning from experience and growing capabilities.

Cultivate Relationships: Ability to authentically connect with others, building and maintaining professional relationships and networks.


Individual reports provide an easy dashboard with insights into the building blocks for success.

Individual report

  • Delivers clear insights into strengths and areas of development

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