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Becoming an Enterprise Leader

Be effective across all areas of the organization, build trust and collaboration for greater success.

The world of work has become much more complex and less predictable, with implications ranging from greater barriers to decision making to greater autonomy of teams. Building and managing a twenty-first-century workforce to achieve highly interdependent goals requires that organizations create what we call Enterprise Leaders.

Enterprise Leaders are defined by two types of outcomes:

  • They achieve strong individual leadership performance by reaching their goals and leading their teams to do the same.
  • They show great network leadership outcomes—working with other leaders and their teams to transfer and acquire resources and best practices that improve organizational outcomes.

Enterprise Leadership requires a new level of thinking where you go beyond your area of expertise, bridge silos, and do what is best for the larger organization. This session assesses your current enterprise leadership skills and provides guidance in developing new tools and strategies for enterprise success.


  • Understand the elements of enterprise leadership
  • Define the benefits of enterprise leadership
  • Assess current leadership skills against enterprise leadership
  • Improve collaboration through building trust and alignment


  • You take from – and give to – your peers
  • You push – and pull – team contributions
  • You facilitate – and don’t direct – team performance
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