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Building Effective Networks

Create lasting relationships and connections and lay the foundation to managing long-term career success.

Networks are vital to success; they enable you to offer more and have greater impact. A network is a set of relationships that you depend on to get things done, helping you to get ahead in your career and develop professionally.

Achieving career goals often depends on having a strong professional support network. In this session, you’ll learn how to grow your network and build meaningful relationships for long-term success.

“Build effective networks to enable you to offer more and have more impact.”


  • Understand the three different kinds of networks (operational, personal, and strategic)
  • Understand the mindset needed to build long-lasting relationships
  • Proactively build relationships before they are needed
  • Learn strategies for building effective networks (engage, connect, focus, and prioritize)
  • Create a mutually beneficial exchange in relationships


  • Create a network map to achieve a critical goal
  • Action plan prioritizing how to build your long-term network
  • Clarity on your value proposition that you offer your network


Note: If run internally, discuss with senior leaders how they’ve built relationships.

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