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Building Your Emotional Intelligence

Find out your level of emotional intelligence and learn methods for building EQ and empathy for others.

Emotional intelligence is a powerful component of relationships and effective leadership. It’s the ability to recognize and positively manage emotions in yourself, others, and among groups.

When emotions run high, they change the way our brains function, diminishing our basic cognitive abilities, decision-making powers, and even our interpersonal skills. That is why even the most talented people can underperform when faced with triggering relationships, rapid change and disruption, or high-stakes (and high-stress) projects.

Emotional Intelligence is the key to having a positive impact on your colleagues, team and organization. It is foundational to developing people, teams, and cultures that can adapt and engage, no matter what challenges are encountered. In today’s rapidly changing world, organizations need to develop people competencies that enable their people to proactively respond rather than react and demonstrate the empathy and care for each other that is more essential than ever.

Individuals with high EQ outperform on virtually all metrics, and developing greater empathy is a skill that can be learned. This session assesses your current EQ, helps you understand empathy and puts empathetic interpersonal skills in action.


  • Learn the five pillars of emotional intelligence
  • Take an EQ self-assessment to gain greater awareness of current EQ
  • Develop a Needs and Feeling vocabulary
  • Gain understanding of triggers and emotional hijacks
  • Understand the 4 types of empathy and how to develop them further


  • Use emotional intelligence to improve leadership and build more effective relationships
  • Learn tips and tactics to improve emotional intelligence – in yourself and among groups
  • Leverage emotional intelligence in managing difficult discussions
  • Improve personal and organizational resilience
  • Improved ability to identify needs and feelings in others
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