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Empowering High Performing Teams

Learn how to unite a team, shape a vision and purpose and grow high performance teams.

Today, leaders must be able to form and lead high performing teams in a complex and rapidly changing business environment. High performing teams make everyone feel valued, encourage a culture of collaboration, inclusivity, and connection. Successful teams have shared goals, celebrate wins collectively, take opportunities to recognize one another, and show appreciation for each member’s contributions.

High-performing teams achieve greater productivity, demonstrate stronger engagement, loyalty and commitment to an organization’s success. Learn leadership methods and actionable skills for guiding and developing your teams to achieve more. This introductory course gives leaders the awareness and understanding of the journey required to build a high performing team.


  • Define characteristics of a high performance team
  • Discover the six elements of high performing teams
  • Understand psychological safety and tools to cultivate a positive team climate
  • Discover actions to build high performance teams


  • Provide tools to build trust amongst team members
  • Provide the roadmap for the high performance team journey
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