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Leading With A Growth Mindset

Learn powerful methods for coaching and managing a growth mindset across your organization.

A growth mindset — seeing skills as things that can be improved with effort – has a remarkable impact on performance and learning. Success in today’s marketplace depends on taking strategic risks, on having a vision and ideas for achieving growth. Uncover ways to inspire and train your organization to think strategically with a growth mindset.

This leadership session provides development methods for coaching your team(s) to gain the confidence to open up, share ideas and think big and bold for the future. This program is experiential and uses “real-plays” to build confidence and prepare leaders to lead with a Growth Mindset. As pre-work, leaders are asked to prepare real situations in which they want to give feedback and coach and develop others using the concepts of Growth Mindset.


  • Explore steps needed to lead and manage using a growth mindset
  • Assess the team’s growth mindset (pre-work)
  • Introduce three levels of listening and four aspects of empathy
  • Provide performance feedback using a growth mindset
  • Coach for development using growth mindset


  • Clear view on each team member’s growth mindset and what is needed to help them further cultivate a Growth Mindset and go to the next level of thinking
  • Enhance empathy skills and use different language when giving feedback and coaching
  • Ready to give feedback using the language and methodology of Growth Mindset
  • Coach for development, encouraging and supporting direct reports to go outside your zone of comfort


  • Cultivating A Growth Mindset



  • It’s recommended that this be combined with Strengths Based Thinking for a full day session.
  • Leader’s can also have their team member’s take the Growth Mindset Assessment and request an aggregate team report as an addition part to the program (there is a fee for the assessment and the aggregate report).

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