Executive Coaching

Laser Coaching

Laser Coaching is designed to address a specific capability gap, or more accurately stated, a laser focus on a precise challenge or area of interest. This coaching, a one-off or a series of short sprint sessions, provides an expert coach and a leader a safe, confidential space to solve specific in the moment problems.


Designed for leaders, individuals and managers who need or want a confidential sounding board for quick, real-world solutions for a problem or issue and/or expertise into a specific subject area. Human Edge Laser Coaching:

  • Is a balanced immediate real-time coaching to manage challenges in the moment
  • Provides an invaluable external and objective perspective on organizational and personal issues
  • Is a cost efficient way of providing coaching to more employees
  • Helps to build the foundations for a coaching style of leadership and wider culture
  • Aids leadership and management development



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CORE™ Leadership

Assess leadership effectiveness, versatility and senior leadership potential with CORE™ Leadership, a 5-in-1 assessment designed to help you build a strong, agile, and vibrant organization of inspiring leaders.

  • Leaders (7+ years)
  • 45 minutes
  • Self-assessment

CORE™ 360

An integrated 4-in-1 assessment, the CORE™ 360 provides multi-rater feedback to a senior leader on their leadership effectiveness, delivering insight into their behaviors (why) and potential roadblocks to success (what) allowing them to focus their energies on transforming into an authentic, inspiring leader.

  • Leaders (10+ years)
  • 15 minutes (per rater)
  • Multi-Rater

CORE™ Growth

Provides simple, easy-to-implement solutions to reveal next-level thinking, empower individuals and teams to be champions of potential and believers in unlimited growth.

  • All Employees (All Experience Levels)
  • 15 minutes
  • Self-assessment

Create strategic leadership programs that prepare for the future by shaping culture today.

Rapid Intensive Modules

Brief single-skill programs easily interlinked for ind-depth mastery.