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Leading Change: Choosing the Right Change

Discover the change(s) that has the greatest impact on the organization and how to successfully implement it.

Corporate transformations still have a miserable success rate, even though scholars and consultants have significantly improved our understanding of how they work. Studies consistently report that about three-quarters of change efforts flop – either they fail to deliver the anticipated benefits or they are abandoned entirely.

Poor execution is only part of the problem; analysis suggests that misdiagnosis is equally to blame. Often organizations pursue the wrong changes – especially in complex and fast-moving environments, where decisions about what to transform in order to remain competitive can be hasty or misguided.

In this leadership session, you’ll learn how to identify the highest impact organizational change and lead through positive, productive change. You’ll uncover why change fails and strategic methods for organizational adoption and success.


  • Understand why changes fail to take hold
  • Explore how to be an ambidextrous leader and balance exploit and explore
  • Evaluate the business and determine the right quest (change) to add the greatest value to the business


  • Be able to diagnose the right change that is needed to create a competitive advantage
  • Provide a structured approach to discuss your quest with your organization


Note: This program is one part of a six part Change Management Leadership Series.

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