Leading Change: Communicating the Change

Develop a motivating, inspiring and clear vision for organizational change and the future.

Organizations going through change naturally focus on the project being implemented – what has to be done by when to complete the action plan. They often don’t give as much thought to what people need to do differently to achieve the desired results. Yet most organizational change won’t succeed without employees somehow adopting new ways of working.

What Is Change Management Communication And Why Is It Important?

Change communication is the informational component of the change management strategy that helps stakeholders understand what is changing and why, and how it will specifically affect them. In addition, it involves them in the change. It delivers timely messages and materials aligned with key milestones, ensures stakeholders receive consistent information about what is important to them, and provides a mechanism to share feedback and ask questions.

Whether you are changing technology, business practices, leadership or a combination of things, change management communication is essential to helping people move from where they are today to the desired “future state.” 

Defining the need for organizational change is one thing but gaining organizational support is another equally critical step. Learn the latest methods for communicating your vision, gaining acceptance, and inspiring engagement.


  • Focus on defining a clear vision
  • Understand the five sources of meaning for individuals
  • Build a compelling vision to engage others
  • Define who to involve in the change


  • Clear vision for a current change effort
  • Applying the five sources of meaning for individuals
  • Create a compelling vision to engage others


Note: This program is one part of a six part Change Management Leadership Series.

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