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Leading Change: Creating a Sense of Urgency

Embracing agility and urgency at all levels within the organization is a skill that can be inspired. Discover how.

Rapid market changes require rapid response. Why is urgency important to a change effort? Urgency is important because meaningful organizational change cannot occur without the cooperation of the affected stakeholders. This is why creating a sense of urgency for a needed change is the first step leaders must take to gain the cooperation of management and employees.

Leaders create a sense of urgency by both selling the value of a future state to organizational stakeholders and making the status quo a dangerous place for the stakeholders to remain.  In effect, senior leaders create a compelling narrative that tells stakeholders why it is not in their best interest for the organization to stay in its current state.

Learn the steps for guiding an organization through accelerated change, embracing the need for urgency and developing agility skills.


  • Understand the pace of change and how it impacts your industry
  • Discover why a sense of urgency is needed and how to create it
  • Explore your self-assessment and determine steps to take to create a sense of urgency
  • Determine where your company needs to create a sense of urgency


  • Clarity on the changes impacting your industry
  • Tools and methodologies for creating a sense of urgency
  • Know you own sense of urgency and where you might need to focus to improve
  • Clarity on how sense of urgency is displayed in your organization.



  • Can be tailored by specific industry.
  • This program is one part of a six part Change Management Leadership Series.
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