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Leading Change: Enabling Change

At the pace of business, learn how to effectively engage, inspire and motivate others to embrace change.

The business world is constantly transforming. With digital transformation and the birth of new skills and technologies, employees and managers naturally find the resulting situational shifts to be challenging. You need to understand both the structural and people side of change to effectively manage this and increase the likelihood of success.

The structural side of change is based on the work of Kotter from Harvard, whereas the people side of change is based on the work by William Bridges which looks at the psychological transitions that accompany change. Organizational transitions affect people; it is always people, rather than a company, who have to embrace a new situation and carry out the corresponding change. The old way of top down change no longer works in the agile world we find ourselves in. If you want to successfully manage change you need to involve those impacted.

With change comes challenge, and when managed well, organizations see greater employee retention, satisfaction and business results. Learn how to identify organizational concerns, cultural setbacks and actionable steps forward to engage employees in change.


  • Understand the sides of change, both structural and people
  • Learn how to use open-source change to engage others and increase success
  • Gain clarity around the three phases of change that people go through
  • Practice the steps in enabling a change


  • Clear understanding of the all the steps to successfully manage the structural side of change
  • Leverage open-source change to engage others and increase success of change
  • Be able to manage the people side of change and the three transitions all people go through


Note: This program is one part of a six part Change Management Leadership Series.

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