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Leading Change: Building Change Capability

Learn the critical steps you need to take to successfully bring the entire organization on a journey through change.

Disruption Requires Resilience-Building Skills

Developing resilience helps individuals and organizations manage their energy and perform at their best. Organizations today are trying to do more with less, further increasing employee workloads and stress. Rapid change and disruption have taxed both individual and collective resilience levels.

As a leader, you need to ensure high performance and sustainable well-being – both for yourself and your people. There are steps that you and your team can take to build resilience, broaden your outlook, and become more adaptable to change.

Resilience-building is about increasing our individual and collective ability to bounce back from adversity. It’s what allows us to recover from change or hardship, whether in the workplace or life more generally. But developing resilience isn’t just for individuals.

Put change into action, build resilient teams ready to embrace what’s next and define milestones for organizational progress. This session helps you develop the roadmap on the journey to successful change management.


  • Enable resilience and agility in colleagues
  • Embed change in the organization
  • Create milestone and gain momentum


  • Develop short but impactful resilience rituals and routines that fend off burnout and address challenges
  • Recognize when someone is over capacity or high levels of stress
  • Build recovery practices into your team meetings


Note: This program is one part of a six part Change Management Leadership Series.

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