Rapid Intensive Modules

Navigating Complex Organizations

Become savvy on ways to operate within your company and positive, productive methods for getting things done.

Complex organizations are far more difficult to manage with functions and people having different needs and goals. There are interdependencies in process, systems and technology which require people to collaborate across the silos to achieve success.

Today, getting things done requires you to navigate this matrix and being able to understand the political landscape.

Not all company operating methods are immediately visible. Here, you’ll get the inside track on how your company functions and discover practical methods for navigating your way to success.

“ASTUTE = IQ (Intelligence Quotient) + EQ (Emotional Quotient) + PQ (Political Quotient)”


  • Discover the unwritten rules and methods of operating in your company
  • Develop organizational awareness for how to get things done
  • Learn when and how to involve the right people for needed information
  • Understand how to accomplish things within your organization’s culture


  • Align goals and KPIs across the matrix
  • Uncover others’ hidden concerns and agendas
  • Ability to balance stakeholders needs
  • Find win-win solutions for organizational challenges/problems
  • Be able to exhibit confidence and professional diplomacy, while effectively relating to people at all levels internally and externally


Note: If run inside a company, engage in panel discussion with senior leaders on their lesson in navigating the organization. 

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