Leadership Development

Team Development

High Performing Teams 

Powerful, high performing teams can meet and exceed organizational goals. Developing a cohesive, agile team elevates capabilities and leads to improved employee engagement, organizational productivity, and innovation for the ultimate competitive advantage. 


Today, leaders must be able to form and lead high performing teams in a complex and rapidly changing business environment. High performing teams make everyone feel valued, encourage a culture of collaboration, inclusivity, and connection. Successful teams have shared goals, celebrate wins collectively, take opportunities to recognize one another, and show appreciation for each member’s contributions.

Align Teams for Competitive Advantage

High performing teams are more likely to innovate quickly, unlock the benefits of diversity and adapt well to change. This translates to a powerful asset for an organization. However, to be successful, all team members must feel comfortable expressing opinions, making suggestions, asking for advice or help, and challenging the status quo without fear of negative social consequences. We focus on three primary goals:

Define a team purpose and the unique contribution they bring the organization.
Gain full member participation and ensure high levels of psychological safety, engagement and trust.
Establish ways of working, shared accountability and individual accountabilities to achieve agreed-upon results.

How it Works

Through a team assessment analysis, CORE™ Leadership team aggregate, combined with individual interviews and an understanding of the maturity and evolution of the team, a 2-day team session is custom designed. After data is analyzed and consolidated, we determine the best approach for the team sessions.

Teams can only see their patterns of behavior when they are working on real challenges and solving everyday problems together. High performing sessions will always lead with the business agenda for maximum impact. Team reflection is used as a tool throughout the session for increased awareness and improved performance. In 2-day sessions, we will:

  • Establish a clear and compelling shared vision and team goal
  • Cultivate psychological safety so the entire team contributes
  • Problem-solve real business issues and challenges facing the team
  • Increase focus, productivity, and efficiency
  • Build trust and leverage differences across the team
  • Become aware of communication patterns amongst team members
  • Enhance team communication, coordination, and cohesiveness
  • Develop a tangible action plan with team and individual accountabilities

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