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The Power of Inclusive Leadership

Welcome diversity of thought, encourage empathy and different views and learn how unconscious bias influences your decisions.

Globalization introduces leaders to a more diverse workforce. Racial injustice and differential experiences in the workplace are issues that leaders cannot ignore, but creating real change in your organization does not happen overnight. It requires leaders to shape new cultural norm in their organizations and act in a way that creates psychological safety and encourages all to contribute.

This session reveals methods for growing cultural awareness, overcoming bias, and leaning into tools to develop greater empathy in an inclusive world.


  • Uncover the benefits of being an inclusive leader
  • Uncover how unconscious bias plays out in our decision making
  • Learn 3 steps to overcome unconscious bias
  • Leverage beginner’s mind for becoming more inclusive with others
  • Work with tools to bring diversity of thought into discussions


  • Greater awareness of unconscious bias and how to overcome it
  • Be able to use beginner’s mind to listen more deeply to others
  • Create psychological safety for all to contribute
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