Executive Coaching

Transition Coaching

A personalized coaching process that mitigates risk of failure during transition. Highly recommended for leaders and critical roles to ensure individuals successfully take on new positions or additional responsibilities.


Every time leaders change roles, there is a period of vulnerability. The risk of failure during transition is significant. When senior leaders or those working in critical roles are moved into new positions or take on additional responsibility, having a thoughtful transition plan with executive coaching sets up leaders for success, boosts confidence, credibility, productivity, and retention. A dedicated Human Edge transition coach:

  • Provides the individualized support leaders need to be successful
  • Supports the leader through the critical phases of integration
  • Identifies gaps and required learning to accelerate transition
  • Assesses vulnerabilities of the leader, building on their strengths and enabling the right mindset
  • Builds key relationships with stakeholders and maps network

Transition Coaching for Successful Integration

Spanning 4-6 months, a dedicated coach and leader develop a transition plan and roadmap to meet the specific needs of the leader and the strategic needs of the business. Together, they define critical actions for the first 100 days to establish credibility, secure quick wins and position the leader and their team for sustained success. Different from traditional one-off onboarding, this program is an ongoing process including regular meetings, essential feedback, and adjustments as needed.

General Transition Coaching

For broader employee groups, general transition coaching provides support group coaching, webinars & self-directed learning that can prove to be very impactful for broader employee groups while being scalable & cost effective.

How it works:

Complete CORE™ Leadership Assessment; leader gains insights into strengths and weaknesses.
Assess vulnerabilities during the transition and pinpoint the business situation the leader will encounter (e.g., turnaround, sustained performance).
Develop a strategic transition plan to gain quick wins, build a network, assess, and build a high-performing team.
Coach and leader meet twice monthly to fully execute plan and monitor results in real time.
Establish progress checks with the manager for necessary adjustments during transition period.

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