01CORE™ Integrated Leadership Assessment

Best Integrated Leadership Tool on the Market

This breakthrough assessment not only shows “how” effective a leader or a team is but provides the  underlying “why.” Whereas most assessments only provide a partial view of a person, CORE™ provides the most holistic perspective on the market today covering the individual’s competencies, their personality traits, what drives them, how well they are managing their energy – human performance, and potential derailers that might get in the leader’s way of success. The CORE™ Assessment with a feedback session gives leaders deep insights into their personality and where they under and overusing their strengths enabling them to personally transform.

With aggregate data, organizations are able to make more informed and better talent decisions. This data will give insight into bench strength at each leadership level. Over time, organizations will be able to better identify their high potentials and make smarter development investments. Team selection can also be enhanced by determining who will balance and/or add needed skills to a team for higher levels of performance.

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Uses of CORE™

Talent Selection

Reduce Turnover

Identify performance risks before you hire a candidate

Hire the Best

Instantly eliminate unqualified candidates and uncover the best fit

Go Beyond Resumes

Explore strengths, performance risks and drivers for performance

Leadership Level and Potential

Determine if a leader is operating at the leadership level you need and determine their ability to be promoted

Culture Fit

Determine fit based on identified cultural traits

Uses of CORE™

Leadership Development

Determine the Why

Uncover the personality traits that are underused, optimally used and overused which impact a leader's effectiveness


Discover a leader's strengths by exploring the VUCA Leadership Competencies

Areas of Development

Pinpoint a leader's area of development and the underlying causes which will lead to a greater increase in leadership effectiveness

Communicate with Care

Experienced coaches give feedback to leaders so they can become more self-aware and know where to focus to increase their performance

Development Plan

Create targeted development plans that align with role and organizational goals

Leadership Adaptability

Identify how balanced is a leader between dreaming, analyzing, Loving, and Doing

Uses of CORE™

Talent Development

Identify High Potentials

Use for high potential identification and determine their altitude

Capability Strengths and Gaps

Identify the strongest competencies and development needs across the organization and by level

Level of Leadership

Run aggregate reports determining if leaders are operating at the right leadership level

Uses of CORE™

Team Development

Areas of Strengths

Shows what strengths the leadership team has and how it aligns with its mission and vision

Areas for Development

Shows what areas of development are required for the team to achieve their highest level of performance

Ability to Collaborate

Uncover how well the team is aligned and collaborating with one another

Agility of Team

Show how agile the team is and how well they can work adapt to a changing environment

Under-stress team members

Shows how the team interacts under stress and the impact this has on performance

Culture of Team

Identifies the culture of the team and what they value and where they spend their time and energy

06CORE™ Growth Mindset Assessment

First Growth Mindset Assessment Tool for Organizations

This Growth Mindset self-assessment tool provides individuals and organizations the insights to accelerate learning, drive innovation, increase performance, more effectively lead a transformation.

This unique report indicates where an individual falls on the fixed to growth mindset continuum with a focus on three core categories:

What I think

An individual’s approach to learning and growing and their willingness to learn from mistakes.

What I do

An Individual’s ability to take on challenges, face obstacles, and put in the necessary effort to build their capability.

Who I engage

An Individual’s willingness to engage others in their development including asking for feedback and help, allowing others to support them, and learning from the success of others.

07Impact of a Growth Mindset Culture

The Investment in Growth Mindset has significant paybacks

Companies with a Growth Mindset Culture:

  • Have 47% higher trust in their company

  • Are 34% more likely to feel a sense of ownership and commitment to the future of their company

  • Show 65% stronger agreements that their company supports risk-taking

Source:  2018 NeuroLeadership Institute

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08Unique features and Applications

The goal is to accelerate individual and organisational growth


  • Give insight into strengths and pinpoint areas where growth is needed
  • Practical tips are provided to enable employees to move along the continuum no matter where they started
  • Engage employees to perform their best, accelerate their learning and grow their potential



  • Selection of new talent
  • Development of current talent
  • Use a tool to drive a cultural change and drive organizational transformation


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