The Rigour of Creating CORE™ Leadership Assessments

At Human Edge, we understand the critical role that leadership plays in driving success and growth within organizations. That’s why we have developed a suite of assessments designed to provide valuable insights at every stage of an individual’s career. In this article, we will delve into the development process behind our latest offering, the CORE™ Leadership Assessment, and how it empowers businesses and individuals alike.

The journey to create the CORE™ Leadership Assessment began with a rigorous design process. It started with an extensive review of academic and industry research, building upon the foundation laid by the previous versions of our leadership assessment. This review aimed to identify the key success requirements across an individual’s career journey, from early careers to senior leadership or expert positions. Concurrently, we conducted online client and community surveys and facilitated client focus groups to gather insights into the current and future needs of selection and development in the field.

The valuable insights gathered from the research phase were then used to define the scales and dimensions for the assessment. Self-report test items were meticulously crafted for each scale, ensuring their alignment with the intended measures. To validate the effectiveness of these test items, they were reviewed by subject matter experts. The items were randomized and trialled over a two-month period, with a strategic split by dimension to mitigate survey response fatigue in the trial population.

The trial questionnaires, ranging from 10 to 35 minutes in length, featured competency scales distributed across four separate questionnaires. This grouping ensured that individuals with leadership roles were assigned relevant self-report items, resulting in meaningful data. Over 100 individuals from diverse countries and varying levels of work experience participated in the trials, allowing us to ensure clarity for both native and non-native English speakers, aligning with our assessment’s global target audience.

Following the data collection phase, extensive analysis was conducted to determine item reliability, inter-correlations, and group differences. These analyses played a crucial role in shaping the final scales for the CORE™ Leadership Assessment, ensuring their accuracy and effectiveness.

To provide meaningful benchmarks, a final stage of data collection was initiated to establish global scale norms. Norm groups or comparison tables were created, enabling individuals who complete the assessment to be compared against relevant peer groups. These norms ensure that the assessment’s results offer valuable context and insights for individuals and organizations alike.

The CORE™ Leadership Assessment is the culmination of a meticulous and comprehensive development process. By leveraging the latest research, collaborating with experts, and incorporating global perspectives, we have created a leadership assessment that empowers organizations to unlock leadership potential and drive success. Whether it’s leadership assessment, leadership development, expert development, capability development, or fostering a growth mindset, the CORE™ Leadership Assessment is a powerful tool to support individuals on their journey towards leadership excellence.

In conclusion, the CORE™ Leadership Assessment represents a significant milestone in our commitment to providing comprehensive and effective assessment solutions. With its research-backed design, extensive trialling, and global scale norms, it equips organizations and individuals with valuable insights to unlock leadership potential, fuel growth, and foster a culture of continuous improvement. Partner with Human Edge today to unleash the full potential of your leadership team.

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