Is Your Strategy Future Proof Or Future Ready?

If there is one common theme to be drawn from among dozens of expert predictions about our future workplaces, it’s the need to be agile.  

A recent Accenture study cites how executives estimate in three years, 44 percent of the workforce will be comprised of contractors and/or temporary internal positions. And 79 percent of this liquid workforce will be aligned to dynamic projects, rather than static job functions. This one development can upend established practices in selecting, hiring and managing talent. If you’re in the business of running a business, you want to improve your ability to allocate valuable resources with a view on better business outcomes. 

Scenario-based strategic workforce planning combines a silo-busting, cross-functional process with a customizable and scalable analytics platform to give your business strategy the workforce enabler it needs for success. Strategic workforce planning is the reality check on whether your organization has the capacity and the capability to deliver the business strategy. An imbalance in the “right people at the right time, place and cost” equation can significantly impact your competitive success. 

This dynamic approach does not work on the idea of a “perfect future.” Instead, it translates critical business judgment to consider a range of possible scenarios – allowing you to prepare a truly agile approach for the future. 

This includes considering:

  • What will be the impact of the change in regulations and policies?
  • What will be the impact of future demand scenarios or different supply options?
  • Which action areas will offer priority results to your business? 

So, is your business and talent strategy future ready?

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