Rapid Intensive Modules

Accelerating Your Learning Agility

Build flexible thinking styles and behaviors and put them into action for future situations.

Increase Your Long-Term Potential With Learning Agility

Leading with agility is about learning from experience and applying it in new ways. In times of change, individual contributors and leaders need to be more agile than ever. Adapting to new business strategies, working across cultures, dealing with virtual teams, and taking on new assignments all demand that we be flexible and agile.

To be a high performer and increase your long-term potential, you need a way to deal with the unknown — and fast. Fortunately, it’s never too soon (or too late) to increase your learning agility.

Learning agility is about knowing how to learn — knowing what to do when you don’t know what to do. It’s about learning from experience and applying it in new ways, adapting to new circumstances and opportunities.

Experience is vital to your success, but merely having an experience (such as a challenging new job or a stretch assignment) isn’t enough. Savvy learners know how to apply the essential lessons within each experience to future situations.

With improved learning agility, you can make the most out of your experiences. As you build the habits that help you figure things out as you go, you’ll improve how you navigate new and difficult situations and increase your contribution to your organization.

In this intensive module, you’ll build your cognitive muscles and gain strategies for pivoting thinking to remain nimble and resourceful.


  • Explore different types of flexible thinking styles
  • Explore behaviors that build flexibility
  • Reflect on a past situation to grow and learn
  • Reflect on a present situation to build flexibility
  • Anticipate a future scenario to build cognitive ability


  • Better manage in ambiguous and complex situations
  • Thrive in turbulent times – and succeed in the future
  • Embed reflection in your everyday work
  • Build confidence and skill in being able to apply past experiences to future challenges
  • Learn how to learn faster

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