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Defining Your Career Goals and Creating Personal Meaning

Develop a plan to become the CEO of your own career, develop purpose, vision and goals that align with your values.

Most of us just put our heads down and work, work, work… and hope that we get noticed. We don’t look up often enough to strategize about our careers. It is often a surprise when peers get promoted ahead of us. There is a lesson here – great businesses focus on strategy, not just on execution… and great careers must focus on strategy also.

Your career is a business –– and you’re the CEO. You’re running this business, the product is you, and you need sound advice from as many perspectives as you can get to be able to craft a winning strategy. Let other people help you. Let multiple mentors help you, not just one person.

Run your career like a business. Get help from smart people from the start. You need their input to develop a smart strategy to make your business succeed.


Defining your career starts with identifying your core values and purpose. And how to leverage those in setting career goals? In this session, you’ll develop tangible goals and work through strategies for achieving them.


  • Gain clarity on your most important values and the purpose that guides your life and decision making
  • Become the CEO of your own career
  • Define short-, medium-, and long-term career goals
  • Select a board of directors to help achieve your career aspirations


  • Clarity of your top five values
  • Explore your life and work purpose and understand what drives you
  • Defined short-, medium-, and long-term career goals
  • Plan for how to achieve your career goals including selecting your personal board of directors to help achieve your career aspirations


Note: If run internally it’s recommended participants engage in an exchange with senior leaders on career management.

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