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CORE™ Essential

Assess leadership effectiveness, versatility and senior leadership potential with CORE™ Essential, a 5-in-1 assessment designed to help you build a strong, agile, and vibrant organization of inspiring leaders.

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CORE™ Essential is a human-centric, multifaceted assessment combined into one comprehensive view looking at 6 powers that drive exceptional leadership in the VUCA world.

Progressive, successful organizations know the value of identifying potential leaders early on, with goals to discover emerging leaders who have the skills and talents to inspire confidence for greater business results.

CORE™ Essential assesses 44 scales across 5 dimensions to reveal transformational insights for identifying and developing admired, inspiring, and successful leaders. It measures leadership effectiveness at current level, leadership potential, learning agility and emotional intelligence.

Assess and Leverage leaders’ powers 

The CORE™ Essential Power Model integrates three dimensions (Traits, Competencies and Human Performance). Surrounding Inner Power are five power groupings.

How I Work With Others 

Relationship Power reflects the ability to build and maintain relationships and networks with the ability to relate well with others and collaborate.

What I Build 

Execution Power looks at how an individual gets things done through personal action, making plans, and taking responsibility for their work, persevering to achieve results.

How I Make Impact 

Impact Power shows how an individual takes charge and leads in making difficult decisions and effectively navigates complex structures.

What I See 

Insight Power reveals an individual’s ability to gather opinions and data and consider different viewpoints, to accurately assess people, situations, or contexts.

How I Excel 

Agile Power looks at an individual’s ability to move quickly and apply learnings from past experiences to new situations.

Change The Game Using Data

With in-depth research, a proprietary algorithm and proven success metrics, in less than half an hour, we can assess your bench, predict leader potential to help you build a bench with inspiring leaders. 

While you can’t predict the future, now you can predict potential. You can establish baselines for desired leadership qualities and build a high-performing organization. 

From candidate selection and career counseling through high potential identification or validation, promotion and succession, easily assess leaders at all levels, determine where to focus development investment and pinpoint high risk triggers and manage them before they happen. 


Individual, team and organizational reports provide easy dashboard results with definitive development recommendations.

Individual report

  • Delivers clear insights into strengths and areas of development 
  • Pinpoints the “why” to underlying behavior 
  • Gives a full roadmap of a person 

Team report

Provides a collective assessment of team: 

  • Strengths 
  • Areas of development 
  • Working dynamics and efficiencies (how they work together) 
  • Degree of leadership qualities 

Organizational report

Provides an overview of the leadership bench

  • Strengths and areas of development
  • Type of leadership culture being created (for 30+ leaders)
  • Recommendations for priorities
  • Enablers and distractors for realizing strategic goals

Note: Can be mapped to a leadership model and can show the enablers and distractors to achieving their business strategy.

Talent report

Provides deep organizational insights into:

  • Level of potential for a senior leader role
  • Degree of learning agility
  • Degree of EQ (emotional intelligence)
  • Degree of versatility – ability to move across functions and be successful
  • Effectiveness for working at their current level
  • Summary of strengths and areas of development
  • Greatest areas for improvement at their current level



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