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CORE™ X 360

Provide multi-rater feedback to senior-level experts on their professional mastery, delivering insights into current levels of effectiveness within the organization.

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Imagine. Inspire. Innovate.

Today’s motivated experts can shape organizations and transform industries, making a profound difference. Driven by deepening mastery and fostering organizational innovation, your experts produce original thinking that supports broader business goals for the organization – their work can change everything, including the world around you. CORE X is a first-of-its-kind, breakthrough assessment by Human Edge, capturing the essential behaviors, skills, and motivators required to be an exceptional expert and thought leader as well as predict potential for functional leadership.

Not just thinkers, but world changers.

CORE™ X is a human-centric, multi-dimensional 3-in-1 integrated assessment that uses a backbone of research, data, and insights from 3 dimensions across 60 scales to decode professional mastery and functional leadership potential. It’s suited for professionals with 7+ years career experience on the expert path.

It assesses the five key areas of an Expert:

Self-Mastery: Central to being an effective expert, this looks at control, confidence, self-motivation and learning mindset.

Expert Know-How: An experts interest and use of knowledge within their area of expertise.

Partnerships: Ability to connect with and leverage others in order to achieve outcomes.

Act with Purpose: Ability to make things happen and execute on plans to achieve results.

Value Creation: Level of thought impact within the organization, creating value through sound decision making and innovation.



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