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Jennifer O’Donnell, PhD

Leadership Development Consultant & Executive Coach

Jen is an organization and leadership development consultant and coach who is driven by the belief that personal effectiveness, team performance, and organization success are directly related. A former Human Resources and Organization Development executive herself, Jen is an accomplished partner to senior leaders in building leadership effectiveness throughout the organization, enhancing the emotional intelligence of individuals and teams, and driving talent strategy aligned with business strategy.

Jen holds a PhD in psychology from West Virginia University. After originally pursuing an academic career in psychology, Jen re-imagined her purpose and direction to focus her career on the psychology of leadership and interpersonal and team dynamics. Jen is certified in multiple globally-distributed tools, assessments, and development programs, and has extensive experience in areas such as leadership effectiveness, emotional intelligence, team dynamics, conflict management and collaboration, truth-telling and feedback, and change and transition.

Jen embraces any opportunity that allows her to fully live her passion for building the human element within individuals, teams, and organizations. When working with clients, Jen takes a holistic approach and seeks to examine self, team, and organization as integrated systems rather than as separate entities. She believes that achieving what we want is largely a result of getting out of our own way, a process that requires a clear, strong sense of self, courage to tackle tough issues directly and transparently, and willingness to uncover root causes through deep and honest, and sometimes unsettling, inquiry. Only then can meaningful, sustainable change occur.

Clients experience Jen as someone who is highly curious, disciplined, resilient, and optimistic, and who can thrive in ambiguous, uncertain, and complex situations. Clients value Jen’s keen ability to take a neutral collaborative approach focused on the interests and needs of multiple stakeholders and operate as a strategic partner with senior leaders and executives to help achieve peak personal, team, and organization effectiveness. Jen has coached senior executives through leadership transitions, consulted with teams experiencing significant change and interpersonal pain, and developed world-class programs that have established the organization’s talent and leadership culture as competitive differentiators.

When not working, Jen can be found exploring the world with her husband and their dog. After enjoying life in Denver, Colorado, for many years, Jen and her family moved to Paris to fulfill a long-time dream. Jen feels most at home on her bicycle or in the water and is a 3-time Ironman triathlon finisher. Jen also enjoys literature, music, global cuisine, and meditation, and will try (almost) anything once.