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CORE™ 360

An integrated 4-in-1 assessment, the CORE™ 360 provides multi-rater feedback to a senior leader on their leadership effectiveness, delivering insight into their behaviors (why) and potential roadblocks to success (what) allowing them to focus their energies on transforming into an authentic, inspiring leader.

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CORE™ 360 assessment looks across four dimensions and ranks the top 14 leadership competencies, those skills that matter most for success in the current and future business environment.


Identify inclinations and natural tendencies that can predict attitudes, behaviors, and leadership potential.


Gain insight into how someone manages their energy to better enable sustainable levels of performance.


Uncover a leader’s ability to successfully navigate in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment.


Discover the behaviors that can become roadblocks or barriers to a leader’s success, identifying potential problems before they manifest.


Greater Senior Leaders Through Greater Self-Awareness

Some leaders need to pivot and adjust their behaviors to emphasize the best of their qualities. Others need to make small, incremental improvements for powerful results. By getting the perspectives of peers, direct reports and managers, leaders will get a full view into their behaviors, hidden strengths and blind spots. Combining the observations from others with open-ended qualitative responses for context rounds out the picture of a leader’s effectiveness and provides a roadmap for transformation.


Individual and Summary Reports provide easy dashboard results with definitive development recommendations.

Individual report

  • Gives insight into strengths and areas of development as seen by their colleagues
  • Pinpoints the “why” to underlying behavior

Team report

Provides a collective assessment of team:

  • Strengths
  • Areas of development
  • Working dynamics and efficiencies (how they work together)
  • Degree of leadership qualities

Organization report

Provides an overview of the leadership bench

  • Strengths and areas of development
  • Type of leadership culture that is being created (for 30+ leaders)
  • Recommendations for priorities

Note: Can be mapped to a leadership model and can show the enablers and distractors to achieving their business strategy.


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