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CORE™ Potential

Gain insight into the most effective career paths for an individual with CORE™ Potential, a 4-in-1 assessment designed to help discover the future leadership and expert potential needed for a high-performing organization. Identifying a person’s predominant behavioral patterns or archetypes, to support targeted professional development.

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CORE™ Potential, a human-centric, multi-dimensional 4-in-1 assessment that uses archetypal profiles to illuminate dominant patterns in work behaviors to help individuals start bridging the gap between who they are now and who they want to be in the future. It helps individuals see ahead to the next stages of their career journey, predicts future potential, versatility, agility, emotional intelligence and readiness for a role. It’s suited for professionals with 3 – 10 years of career experience as either an individual contributor or supervisor.

CORE Potential assessment looks at 65 scales across four dimensions to discover the most effective career path for early career professionals and predict leadership and expert potential.

Traits for Potential

Twelve traits which are the inclinations and natural tendencies a person leans towards which support current and future career success.

Drivers for Performance         

Ten drivers which are the internal motivators and interests that drive high performance, including career preferences: Professional Mastery, Leading Others and Leadership Scope.


Thirty-three competencies which are the skills and knowledge needed for an exceptional career.


Ten derailers which are the behaviors that get in the way of success. They can be an overused strength or misalignments from childhood.

Get Tomorrow’s Bench Ready Today.

Having actionable insight encourages rapid growth, develops individuals’ potentials, and clears the path for success. Early career professionals indicate greater loyalty when they’ve been put on their ideal career track. They feel successful, valued, positive, productive, and more loyal. Organizations who proactively get out in front, quickly assess talent, and fast track development build a strong team today and an even stronger one a decade from now. They gain a committed, engaged workforce with a strategic bench in place.


Individual and organizational reports provide an easy dashboard with insight into career path direction.

Individual report

  • Delivers clear insights into strengths and areas of development 
  • Identifies potential for leadership or expert trajectory
  • Shows the 3 dominant archetypes
  • Pinpoints the “why” to underlying behavior 
  • Gives a full roadmap of a person 

Team report

Provides a collective assessment of team: 

  • Strengths 
  • Areas of development 
  • Working dynamics and efficiencies (how they work together) 
  • Degree of leadership qualities and archetypes

Organizational report

Provides an overview of the leadership bench:

  • Strengths and areas of development
  • Type of leadership culture being created (for 30+ leaders)
  • Recommendations for priorities
  • Enablers and distractors for realizing strategic goals

Note: Can be mapped to a leadership model and can show the enablers and distractors to achieving their business strategy.

Talent report

Provides deep organizational insights into:

  • Level of potential for a senior leader or expert role
  • Degree of learning agility
  • Degree of EQ (emotional intelligence)
  • Degree of versatility – ability to move across functions and be successful
  • Effectiveness for working at their current level
  • Summary of strengths and areas of development and development recommendations
  • Greatest areas for improvement at their current level
  • Top 3 (dominant) archetypes
  • Thinking styles (visionary, connector, analytical thinker, operational)



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