Influence Program (Pyramid Thinking)

The Influence Program enhances participants’ communication and persuasion skills through the exploration of pyramid thinking, storytelling techniques, and effective impromptu speaking.


  • Abstract Conceptualization: Participants will explore theoretical frameworks and models related to persuasive communication, enhancing their understanding of the underlying principles.
  • Concrete Experience: Participants will engage in hands-on activities to practice applying pyramid thinking to organize their ideas in a structured and persuasive manner.
  • Active Experimentation: Through frequent opportunities to practice impromptu speaking and answering questions on the fly, participants will develop the skills to think quickly and articulate their thoughts effectively in various situations.
  • Practical tools and techniques: to enhance their influence and persuasion capabilities in professional and personal settings.
  • Reflective Observation: Through analysis of successful storytelling examples, participants will reflect on the impact of storytelling in influencing audience perceptions and emotions.


  • Understand the influence and impact of communication.
  • Practice different approaches to communication in a safe environment (lab).
  • Practice storytelling in the participants’ context and transfer back into his work.

Note: This program can be tailored by industry.

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