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How are you using data to make people decisions in your organization? We have a holistic leadership assessment that is unique in the market. With CORE™ you can draw powerful insights about your leaders and predict future leader success.

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What is Human Edge?
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01Our three pillars

What is Human Edge?

Human Edge is a Human Capital consulting firm that is located in Basel, Switzerland. We work with private equity, mid-size, and Fortune 500 companies to enable them to assess, recruit and develop leaders, manage organizational transformations, and transform workforce capabilities fueled by proprietary technology and big data. We have a suite of CORE™ Integrated Leadership Assessment tools that provide unique insights to leaders and their organizations to make more impactful business decisions. We offer our customers innovative solutions, leveraging advanced analytics, which provides insights to solve today and tomorrow's business challenges.

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Leadership Development

We provide deep insight through leadership assessment to recruit, develop and assess leaders and their teams.


Organization Transformation

We design and facilitate the business transformation to successfully implement change


Workforce Transformation

We partner to build and sustain a strategic capability in enabling workforce transformation

02Our Values

What We Stand For

Human Edge values Genius

We integrate the latest research with cutting-edge assessments.

Human Edge values Simplicity

We reduce unnecessary complexity and deliver pragmatic solutions that have an impact

Human Edge values Connection

We connect people and we connect data to derive new insights.

Human Edge values Impact

We focus on adding business value with our solutions.


What People Say

“Lisa Danels is a thought leader in leadership and talent development. She uses analytics well and drives innovation using her strong business understanding and strategic foresight. She creates impactful people strategies and combines deep expertise with strong facilitation to influence C-level leaders. She successfully coaches executives to become more well-rounded leaders and to strengthen their organizations. Partnering with Lisa, especially in organizations where there are capability gaps and the need for reinvention is a worthwhile endeavor.”
David Epstein
“In the Workforce Transformation Masterclass I learned step-by-step how to apply Strategic Workforce Planning in our business context. The integrated SWP methodology is very intuitive and practical. My expectations of this program have been exceeded!“
Xavier Baechler
“Christian Neubert is an experienced senior HR executive who combines strategy with a drive for execution. He brings a strong business understanding and a strategic perspective on talent management of an organization development. Christian is very impactful advising C-level leaders and acting as a change agent in business transformations. His consultative skills make him an influential business partner and an effective executive coach. I strongly recommend partnering with Christian, especially in organizations undergoing a challenging business and culture transformation."
Dr. Horst-Uwe Groh
“This Masterclass Program has been a success – I learned how to translate our business strategy into a workforce strategy, how to model workforce demand and supply and how to close critical workforce gaps. A complex capability broken down into manageable steps and easy to execute. Highly recommended to work with Human Edge.”
Guy Zehnder
“Human Edge’s work on talent analytics answered our key business questions and delivered new insights to make better investment decisions on our people. A seamless approach to a complex topic.”
Alessia Vecchio
"Lisa is a true thought leader in a number of areas of HR, from Talent, Leadership Development, Organisational Data Analytics to Performance Management. Lisa is an original thinker and is able to create creative solutions to most challenges that businesses face. She is visionary and strategic in her work. In her practice, she balances very skilfully theory, data analytics and models with practical solutions that work for businesses. Lisa is also an impactful and hugely effective executive coach."
Dr. Pavica Kraplijan-Barr
"In late 2016 I participated in a high performing team workshop that was facilitated by Lisa Danels. I found her to be the best facilitator I have worked with in Europe – she has a unique ability to 'read the room' as well as understand the business challenges we were facing at the time. She knows when to push the group to closure and when the conversation needs to continue. I would highly recommend her as a facilitator especially if you need to drive outputs that are both about the business and the team."
Sweta Ghelani
"The CORE™ Leadership Report is one of the best I have ever seen in my professional life so far. I've taken seven assessments over the course of my career and this one is outstanding. The quality of output in relation to the input is impressive and insightful."
Michael Bruderer
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