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New book: The Human Edge Advantage, by Lisa Danels

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Human Edge Insights Launches Expert Advantage Whitepaper

“Lisa Danels is a thought leader in leadership and talent development. She uses analytics well and drives innovation using her strong business understanding and strategic foresight. She creates impactful people strategies and combines deep expertise with strong facilitation to influence C-level leaders. She successfully coaches executives to become more well-rounded leaders and to strengthen their organizations. Partnering with Lisa, especially in organizations where there are capability gaps and the need for reinvention, is a worthwhile endeavor.”

David Epstein Rubius Therapeutics

“Christian Neubert is an experienced senior HR executive who combines strategy with a drive for execution. He brings a strong business understanding and a strategic perspective on talent management of an organization development. Christian is very impactful advising C-level leaders and acting as a change agent in business transformations. His consultative skills make him an influential business partner and an effective executive coach. I strongly recommend partnering with Christian, especially in organizations undergoing a challenging business and culture transformation.”

Dr. Horst-Uwe Groh former CHRO Sandoz and Bayer

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