Achieving Mental Mastery In A Crisis

As we continue to stay home, unsure of when our lives will return to our respective version of normal, our ability to control our mind (Mental Mastery) will determine how we feel during and after this is over. 

Emotional Tension

While we’re working on doing the right things – steps like staying inside and doing our part for society to minimize the virus spread, being compassionate, feeling for healthcare workers and those that have been affected, and taking care of our emotional needs – it’s important to acknowledge that we may have feelings of disappointment during this time. Maybe we lost our jobs due to the outbreak or had to cancel a dream vacation. Maybe we were unable to celebrate a loved one’s big birthday. These mixed emotions are normal and can sometimes be overwhelming. 

Honoring Where We Are

Honor all these feelings and take time to let them move through us. Emotions are energy in motion. We want to ensure that we’re feeling all our emotions. When we ignore our feelings, they can creep through the cracks and take us down a negative spiral. Take time to write in a journal, go for a walk outside if permitted, exercise inside, or talk to your friends or family. Once you fully feel the emotion, it’s complete. 

Being Present

Be as present as possible to help identify what you are thinking and feeling. Where do you focus your attention? Notice how your thoughts are creating your feelings. Ask yourself:What do I need at this moment?  This will help you in honoring yourself and giving yourself what you need. When you can alter your mindset to feel more positive, you have achieved Mental Mastery.  

Walk The Line Between Realism And Optimism 

It’s important to keep informed and know what is going on in the moment. However, if you watch or read too much news, it can overwhelm you.  If you notice feelings of disappointment coming up regularly, it gives you an indication that you’re stuck in the past. Perhaps you are longing for your life to return to the way it used to be.   

See if you can shift into optimism. Where is your personal silver lining? You can take this time to connect with loved ones. Maybe you finally have time to write that book that you’ve been dreaming about. Or perhaps it’s time to clean out the closet that has been bothering you for years, or skill yourself up.    

Emotional Connection

Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with yourself on a deeper level.  We must remember there is great intelligence in the universe. You don’t worry if the sun is going to rise each morning or if the stars are going to shine in the night sky.  Trust the universe’s infinite intelligence and know that this infinite intelligence also runs through you.  Once you find a deeper connection to yourself, you can connect to others in a more meaningful way. You’ll discover how you can best help yourself and others.  

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