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Can we return back to Sleepwalking?

Lisa Danels
published on April 09, 2020

Today is day 24 of the lockdown in Switzerland. There is a need to return to a new normal but is that really possible? The majority of folks who are still employed have all of their meetings on-line and the only change of scenery is going from the living room to an office if they are lucky. 

This crisis has turned everyone’s world upside down. You could say it’s been a big wake up call for the planet and humanity. Many have already died and we honor them and grieve with their families as their world has drastically changed in the last few months.

Before the crisis, the focus of most people on the planet was on self, work, and consumption. Now our world is very different it’s about others, conserving, and problem-solving together. The big question is will this crisis have a temporary change to our lives or a more lasting change. I am hoping a more long-lasting change as this crisis has revealed both positives and negatives in our societies. Here are a few that I’ve seen.


People can unite to help each other out on in times of need. Neighbors checking in on the elderly, donating food, and making supplies to help healthcare workers just to name a few. What a beautiful departure to the fighting and separation we’ve been experiencing in the last few years.

We have all been willing to make sacrifices for the self to serve the whole. In the process, we’ve also seen a huge decline in pollution. Yesterday, I read that in India, it’s the first time in 30 years you can see the Himalaya Mountains. In our need to consume and achieve we’ve forgotten about Mother Earth and sustaining the planet that we need for our health and livelihood. 


The courage and selflessness of healthcare workers who put their lives on the line every day. Many have been infected and have even died. The remaining, every day after working very long shifts they get up and do it again with the aim of service and saving lives. 


This crisis has shown how fragile our monetary system and economy are and how so many people can suffer so quickly. It’s mind-boggling how many people are out of work within such a short period of time. There are too many people on this planet that can’t pay their rent or find food. For a planet that has so much wealth, it’s unacceptable. 

It has also shown how we need strong leaders. In places where the leadership has been strong the negative impact has been considerably lower. We need to demand more of or leaders and even better become the future leaders of tomorrow ourselves.


This crisis has brought back our humanity and has awoken the compassion inside of each of us. We can now better access our hearts and be with one another in a new and endearing way. This virus has slowed us down and has gotten us out of our heads and into our hearts. How many people have reached out to one another that has not heard from each other in months or even years? Our lives have been so busy with working that we’ve made our relationships secondary. In these times of feeling uncertain, unnerved, and even raw we crave those personal relationships that make us feel safe and remind us that all will be ok.


Social distancing has brought us back to being aware and present of other people. We are back in our bodies and in our hearts. In order to socially distance, we must be aware of others. Think about two months ago most of us walked through life, not evening noticing the people around us. Now, we are more careful and more awake and walk with purpose and awareness.

To stay awake it requires a greater focus on better political and business leaders and moving toward a more growth mindset to see new ways of working and transforming. At Human Edge, we believe better leaders will ensure a better world and a brighter future.