Leadership Development

How well do your personal values match with your team?

Lisa Danels
published on July 31, 2020

The Importance of Personal Values

What do you consider when you’re making decisions? Money? The expectations of friends, family, or wider society? Fear of the unknown or failing? What’s quick and easy? These are all common factors that can influence our choices and behavior. But they’re not necessarily conducive to happiness or fulfillment. That’s because they won’t always match up to our personal values.

Your values are about what’s important to you; how you want to live your life, including your career, your relationships, and the impact you want to have. Identifying personal values and the blockers that prevent them from being fully expressed is an important goal for many of the people I work with along with teams and organizations.

If your decisions, choices, and actions don’t align with these values, you may feel a niggle of dissatisfaction and unease. You may be struggling with an internal conflict between your values and the day to day reality of your life. Making decisions and living life in line with your values means you’re more likely to feel a sense of purpose, fulfillment, and happiness.

To identify your most important values use the exercise below.

The link between personal Values and Organizational Values

That is great now you understand your personal values but how does that link to the team you work on or the organization you work in. Too many times there is a misfit between what individuals personal believe and what the organization values. I was very fortunate that when I worked for American Express early in my career and I went through a workshop that clarified the link between what I cared about and what the organization deemed valuable.  This was a moment of truth. Did I belong or was I just there to do a job?  For me, the match was a fit but in other organizations, I later joined the match was not as strong.

Below is an exercise you can do with your yourself or your team to gain clarity.  It’s also a great exercise to gain clarity on your personal values. In a team setting it helps build trust amonst the and help build a high-performance team.

Values Exercise pre-work