How Well Do Your Personal Values Match With Your Team?

The Importance of Personal Values

What do you consider when you’re making decisions? Money? The expectations of friends, family, or wider society? Fear of the unknown or failing? What’s quick and easy? These common factors can influence choices and behavior, but they’re not necessarily conducive to happiness or fulfillment. That’s because these factors won’t always match up to our personal values. 

Values are about what’s important to you; how you want to live your life; this includes your career, your relationships, and the impact you want to make. Identifying personal values and blockers that prevent them from being fully realized are two important goals for many individuals. These goals go beyond individuals and are essential to high-performing teams and organisations as well. 

If your decisions, choices, and actions don’t align with these values, you may feel a niggle of dissatisfaction and unease. You may struggle with an internal conflict between your values and the day-to-day reality of your life. Making decisions and living life in-line with your values means you’re more likely to feel a sense of purpose, fulfillment, and happiness. 

To identify your most important values use the exercise below. 

The Link Between Personal Values and Organizational Values

Great! You understand your personal values! Now, how do those values compare to the values of your team or the organization in which you work?

Oftentimes, there can be discrepancies between one’s personal values and the values in their workplace. Below is an exercise you can do on your own or with your team to gain clarity regarding everyone’s values. It can help you solidify your own personal values and/or help to build trust among your team members. 

Values Exercise pre-work

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