Centrient Pharmaceuticals, is a global leader in sustainable antibiotics, next generation statins and anti-fungals. Centrient Pharmaceuticals is wholly owned by Bain Capital Private Equity, a leading global private investment firm and has 2300 people worldwide. Headquartered in Rotterdam (Netherlands), they have production facilities and sales offices in China, India, the Netherlands, Spain, Egypt, the United States and Mexico.  


Leaders were successful operating in a big company mentality and the shift to private equity required a new way of thinking and being nimbler to meet the growth targets. The goal was to start with the 49 N-2 level leaders and create a “game changing program” to enable the cultural shift. 


In Autumn 2020 we started off our CORE™ Leadership Program for this client with the aim of driving leadership effectiveness and shaping workplace culture tightly linked to their business strategy. This was done as a three-step process: 

  1. Shift Mindset: Define Leadership Expectations 
  2. Self-Leadership: Uncover roadblocks and identify enablers 
  3. Build Leadership Skills: Skills needed to drive authentic and purpose-driven 

The leaders were used to being operational and the goal was to slow them down so they can speed up and be more strategic and take their game to another level. 

Our proposed program applies the best practices and leverages the latest research in leadership development while being highly-cost effective. All modules were delivered virtually given the current COVID travel restrictions. The elements of the design including increasing levels of self-awareness through our CORE™ Leadership assessment, accountability buddies who gave feedback, facilitation feedback, and personal reflection through the program.  

In Autumn of 2020 we kicked off the Leadership Program with 49 leaders reporting into the ExCom attending the two-part program totalling two days. 

The objectives for this program were the following:  

  • Build greater agility and adaptability through exploring how to be an ambidextrous leader (exploit and explore).
  • Spot trends and apply them to business to create business value. 
  • Enhance decision making with a sense of urgency, data, and courageous actions.
  • Create a culture of accountability to drive better business results. 
  • Be a talent catalyst and learn how to effectively develop talent.  
  • Be able to coach, give feedback and mentor in different contexts. 
  • Create psychological safety to better empower employees, drive risk-taking, and increase number of innovations. 
  • Deepen self-awareness through CORE™ Leadership assessment and self-reflective processes and tools. 

Initially, as part of the program, potential leaders were required to take the CORE™ Leadership assessment. This included a personalized coaching session once completed to go over the report and help the attendees better understand their strengths and areas of development.  


  • The program gave the leaders the tools needed to hold themselves and others accountable for driving results. 
  • Created cultural accelerators and identified key behaviors for leaders to shape culture and be nimbler. 
  • Increased risk-taking by further exploring how to leverage exploit or explore related 2021 business objectives. This was also done through using a business simulation where they had to make key business decisions. 
  • Aggregated the CORE™ Leadership Assessment data by regions, functions, and ExCom member. This enabled the senior leaders to know where to focus. 
  • Each team member assessed their team and devised development actions. 
  • Leaders received one-on-one coaching session with a certified coach to better understand the why and what of their behaviors. 
  • Each leader received deeper insight into the eight drivers of Growth Mindset by taking the CORE™ Growth Assessment. 
  • Applied the concepts of beginner’s mindset to be more open to new ideas from their teams. 


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