Our client is a global allergy solutions company, with a wide range of allergy treatments, products, and services. Their annual revenue is EUR 469 million and they operate in 41 countries with 2’300 employees worldwide.  


The allergy market is growing worldwide with the increase of pollution and food allergies. The company has been growing organically and there is a strong commitment to developing leaders and creating a strong leadership pipeline. This existing client came to us with wanting to develop their early talents. They were dispersed throughout the globe so we needed a delivery mechanism whereby they could attend. 


In partnership, we developed an 18-month journey for the early talents. These were to be the future senior leaders of tomorrow, so we wanted to give them all the building blocks to be a successful leader. It was also critical that we had various elements in the program for example, leader-lead learning to deepen the organizations’ development culture and accelerate the early talents development. One of the most significant part of the program was to begin with cultivating a growth mindset and self-awareness. 


We built an 18-month journey that could be delivered virtually and in-house. The client wanted to keep the costs down and bring the capability in-house and be able to deliver the program for years to come. The program consisted of nine modules over the 18 months. Each module ranged from 2.5 hours to 4.5 hours always with the link back to the previous module where participants were able to experiment and deepen their learning. At the end of the program the early talents will be able to: 

  • Become self-aware, reflect regularly, and have strong emotional intelligence. 
  • Be purpose-driven and care about leaving a legacy behind. 
  • Cultivate a Growth Mindset, invest in themselves and constantly push themselves to go outside their comfort zone. 
  • Be flexible and have strong cognitive ability to manage in a complex environment – ability to think strategically. 
  • Navigate complex organizations with political savviness. 
  • Own their own career and know how to cultivate and build internal and external networks. 


Halfway through the program each early talent will take the CORE™ Potential assessment and receive an individual one-on-one feedback session with a certified coach. This will enable early talents to identify the most effective career path for themselves and deepen their self-awareness on their strengths and areas of development. For the client we provide them with a potential ranking based on our propriety algorithms based on the latest research.  

One thing to note is that throughout the process, candidates are asked to keep a learning journal which we review in the final session of the process and celebrate their growth and their new insights to apply to their career. 

The impact has been quite remarkable as the early talents are quickly building their skill and their leaders have seen very quick progress. The plan is to continue to track these early talents with our CORE™ assessment suite as they further grow and develop in their career. 

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