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Growth Mindset Learning Journey at Phocas Software


Phocas is a leading global software company, committed to helping people feel good about data.  The high rating software combines Data Analytics, Rebates, Financial Reporting, Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting together into an all-in-one platform. Key to the Phocas mission is changing the way people think and work, and this philosophy applies to both its people and customers. The company culture embraces fun, action, continued learning and shared support.


Founded in 2001, Phocas has achieved consistent and sustainable growth. More than 2,500 companies and approximately 30,000 people rely on the Phocas platform every day, and their global team is 280 people strong.

Phocas approached Human Edge because its People, Culture and Sustainability (PC&S) team were looking at evidence-based ways to further develop growth mindset within the culture. The team were aware of Human Edge’s approach to growth mindset and their match for Phocas’ own culture and values.

As the Phocas Careers page attests:

“Phocas will excite. It’s a place for those that like to color outside the lines. Fun, fast and agile. Where every day is changing and high performers chase their next challenge…growth can be uncomfortable. And while everyone’s experience is different, you won’t feel like you’re winging it alone here”.

Phocas were looking for a partner who could provide them with the capability needed to further develop growth mindset across the organization, and had a practical approach that could be rolled out internally, using their in-house team as coaches and facilitators.


There are 4 key building blocks to create a blended learning journey, guiding participants to explore each aspect of their growth mindset while also giving them an opportunity to step into their stretch zone alongside their colleagues.

An Introduction to Growth Mindset e-Learning module:  a 45 min online introduction and guided reflection on what it means to have a growth mindset, each individual also receives a personal learning journal to write down their reflections and insights.

CORE™ Growth Assessment: a 15 min online self-assessment which gives individuals a detailed overview of their current level of growth mindset in 8 key areas.

CORE™ Growth Feedback session:  a 45 min 1:1 session with an internal coach to explore the results of the CORE Growth Assessment and support participants to identify how to further leverage the key elements of a growth mindset, to access greater levels of transformation and development.

Cultivating a Growth Mindset group session:  a face-to-face or virtual session where participants collaboratively explore the shifts needed to further embrace a growth mindset, and how to apply it to their organizational context and work in order to more readily step into change, challenge and new capability.

With these building blocks in place, the next step was to look at how to partner with the Phocas PC&S team to roll out the program in a way that made sense for the organization…

Pilot stage:

Step one: Two tailored versions of our e-learning module created: one for existing employees and one for new starters – to embed the idea of a growth culture at Phocas from day 1.

Phocas uploaded the modules to the in-house LMS, to launch the program with an initial group of 10 participants – and a combination of people from PC&S and other selected leaders from within the business.

This group of 10 were our pioneers, the first ‘users’ of the 4 building blocks within Phocas’ culture, who would then be responsible for turning these building blocks into a journey for their colleagues at Phocas.

So, once this group had been through the program as users, it was time for us to support them to become trainers and coaches, so they had the deep awareness required to guide others through the process of shifting their mindset and behaviors to unlock greater possibility.

Train the Trainer events:

To support the team, we designed 3 immersive ‘Train the Trainer’ sessions that combined insights, research, coaching tools, shared reflection exercises and some ‘fictional’ user profiles with which to practice.

Each 3 hour session was focused on a different angle of Growth Mindset.

  • How I think
  • How I act
  • Who I engage


The aim was to equip participants to deliver coaching sessions and facilitate the Cultivating Growth Mindset session internally, in a way that was authentic, engaging and personal. Along the way, we identified ways to shift limiting beliefs and invite reflection and exploration on the ways to move towards a growth mindset in different situations.

The final challenge was to navigate 4 different time zones and find a time when everyone could come together virtually and engage in shared, collaborative virtual learning space.  Cue some early starts and late nights but the spirit of fun and support prevailed to create a real sense of community, trust and commitment.

The group of 10 facilitators completed the Train the Trainer program in January and February 2022, and were then ready to roll out the learning journey for their colleagues.


“The Growth Mindset program prompted me to change roles at Phocas to seek more of a challenge and be a part of a team. The program has also triggered positive changes in my personal life.”

“I found this workshop extremely useful, in particular the debriefing session. It’s not often we set time aside to reflect and look at what we can improve on. I’ve already taken a learning from this workshop and applied it to my role.”

Phocas has since put 70% of its people from the UK, the USA, Australia and New Zealand through the 4 step Growth Mindset journey.

This has not only given these individuals practical tools and insights for unlocking growth and possibility themselves, it has also generated a shared language for lifelong learning at Phocas.  Participants have a transformational map for their own development and the vocabulary and support they need to make this an ongoing journey with managers and teams.

In August 2023, the Growth Mindset Journey at Phocas was a finalist at the Australian Institute of Training and Development Excellence awards in the ‘Best Blended Learning Solution’ category.

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