Household Robotics

Validate Key Talents and Assess Versatility


Our client is an internationally successful family enterprise and a household name to millions of people around the globe. Today, more than 611,000 people in more than 60 countries work for them and help them generate an overall revenue of 3,2 billion euros. Their 13,000 permanent staff focus on household appliances, which they develop, manufacture and successfully distribute. They have a core capability in robotics and this capability to improve life everywhere we call home. They stand for continuity, change and a nearness to people.

The Challenge

Our client came to us with the need to assess and validate their key talents which they felt were best suited for certain leadership roles in their organization. They primarily had engineers and they wanted to see how versatile these leaders were and what areas of focus was needed to expand their leadership potential.


The CORE™ Leadership Assessment tool was leveraged to give a holistic view of each leader (5 in 1 assessment tool that measures traits, drivers, human performance, competencies and derailers). Each leader was given a personalized feedback session with a certified coach along with clear development tips to help them prioritize and personalize their development. The focus was to ensure that every leader understood and knew their strengths and what was necessary to become a more versatile leader.

From there we were tasked with suggesting development actions derived from our CORE™ Leadership assessment tool. We were providing the client with an overview of their talent pool indicating their potential of being successful in senior leadership roles.

Business Impact

  • Confirmed 43% of talents have the potential to go to a senior level position and be highly effective
  • Confirmed 35% of the talent have the versatility to move functions and be effective
  • The biggest learning for many leaders was that they were not asked to work on a “laundry list” of weaknesses, instead the coaches helped them identify the biggest 2 or 3 levers to better utilize their strengths and become more effective as a leader.
  • As an example, we saw that many leaders scored low on Interpersonal Savvy, Building Trust, Customer Centricity – all these competencies correlate with the Trait Empathy and it is required to develop empathic concern and understanding the needs of others to develop these competencies.
  • The Management also received an overview of the aggregate leadership profile with insights on learning and development opportunities for this talent group and a clear recommendation where to invest.
  • As a follow-up we proposed a leadership development program focusing on Building Authentic Connection and Developing a Growth Mindset as these were two key themes identified as gaps in the aggregate report.

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